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Outdoor Shows - A Performer's Advice

Ah, the outdoors!  Isn't it great to have the kids out of the house?  Whether it be poolside, at the park or gathering in the backyard outside, what space!  But when planning your child's birthday or family celebration  make sure you consider all that's involved when considering a performer.

From the moment your children and friends see the performance area each "Celebrations Magic!" program provides they will know they're in for a treat!  Everything, from  professional backdrop to tables, props and other equipment is carefully planned.  Even the slightest breeze can disrupt the stage, causing expensive damage as well as creating an unsafe environment.  Add nature's bountiful array of insects, unpredictable weather (which can affect traveling plans for your guests,) noise pollution from traffic and other passersby (at a park, for example) and now you're in a setting in which the best experience for your attendees can't be guaranteed.  Adding a professional sound system to combat the noise of an outdoor event can add additional expense to the client.   And while the old song says "sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy," when shining in the eyes it can be difficult for the performer, and even worse on the spectators to take in all the action. 

As a professional family entertainer, I pride myself in making every aspect of my show top notch.  I will not arrive at  your event in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.  Even though that may be appropriate attire for your family and friends,  I want your group to know they're in for a professional performance.  From my shirt and tie, vest, slacks and shoes, you'll immediately know that my "Celebrations Magic!" program is "tailored" to provide you and your group with a quality presentation.  Couple that with a high energy style to my performance and you can understand how temperatures can literally dampen the show in the summer.  The chill of fall and winter can affect not only the children's comfort, but the performer's ability to perform... our hands are especially prone to cool/cold temps for our sleight of hand techniques.

And then there's the safety of animals.  My most requested show package includes the most child-friendly, loveable creature you'll ever meet... Bungee the Bunny.  Everyone loves it when Bungee shows up at the hands of the birthday child.  But, contrary to popular belief, domestic rabbits are far different from their counterparts in the wild.  The health and well being of a rabbit is susceptible to extremes in temperatures... even those that humans consider "mild."  Even though Bungee is a wonderful and loved addition to my performances he is a valued pet and member of my household, not a show prop.  I cannot endanger the life of an animal for the sake of a performance.


All in all, indoor performances are far more enjoyable for everyone involved.  Most parks and recreational facilities have party rooms and community facilities available, with many municipalities offering their facilities for free or minimum expense to their residents.  Birthday parties can still offer outdoor activities while offering a "Celebrations Magic!" show in the family room of the home.  Children can be more easily supervised,  conditions are much more controllable and a greater quality of performance can be assured.  I  hope you will consider my "Celebrations Magic!" show this year for your family's recreational and special events! 

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